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My Old Walking Shoes
By A.M.

When you are a writer you don’t need an excuse to write, you simply want to put pen on paper and begin to express yourself. It has been a year since my last written piece and I didn’t need much thought about what to write about – it’s about my old walking shoes.

Our shoes are mostly the last thing we think about, we only care about this item when we shop for a new pair and then we simply take it for granted that day in and day out they will be there for us. Occasionally we wash them until one day we find a tear and decide to replace them for a new one.

In November of 2017, I purchased this pair of Skechers. I will never forget when I first tried them out. These shoes were to replace my last pair which took me to Chiapas, Mexico and later Guatemala and Costa Rica.

By the way, I am a traveler, this is what I do twice a year. At first I traveled because it was my chicken soup for the things that burdened me. Later, by simply sitting quietly at the top of a volcano or staring out into the ocean from a jungle mountain put me in direct line of sight with God’s love, grace and forgiveness.

A week after breaking in my new pair of shoes I got on a flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina followed by a boat ride to Montevideo, Uruguay to later return to the land of the eternal tango as I made my way to the ‘Iguazu Falls’ on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. On my way back home I stopped in Panama to welcome 2018.

My shoes never failed me.

In the following 400 days, my shoes carried me through Colombia, Chile and through western Argentina, they never tired and they never complained. Honestly I hardly paid attention to them, as I said before, we take our shoes completely for granted. We expect them to always carry us through our daily lives.

Sadly, on my return back home I noticed they were ripping and with pain in my heart I made the decision to purchase a new pair. As I wore my new shoes I can honestly say that I miss my old pair.  

I don’t know what new challenges I will face in my new walking shoes but there are several things I learned walking in my old pair.

Never take your shoes for granted but be grateful because they take care of your feet through your life’s ups and downs. You can walk hundreds and thousands of miles and never walk away from your personal problems, guilt, shame or sadness. Distance is not relative to what burdens you because when you return home you must face reality, therefore, as you fit into your new pair of shoes let them take you to God’s grace, mercy, happiness and joy.

Remember, your loved ones are also walking through life and you can only pray that their shoes will take them to new successful heights either physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Be blessed wherever your shoes take you!