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Asesorías Académicas



(29 de septiembre, 2020) Publicamos los tópicos para el examen verbal del 1er Bimestral que se impartirá en octubre.


CABE RECALCAR QUE LA CREATIVIDAD ES UNA CLAVE IMPORTANTE PARA MINIMIZAR LOS NERVIOS Y PERMITIR QUE LA PRECISION Y FLUIDEZ FLUYAN. En la presentación del examen no se permiten presentaciones PowerPoint, buscamos creatividad y no encajonar a nuestros alumnos a seguir una rutina.


Los criterios de evaluación serán:


1. Precisión 


2. Creatividad 



PRINCIPIANTES – ‘B’ – Presentación Verbal 12 minutos


Presentación de 10 minutos:





INTERMEDIATE – ‘A’ – Presentación Verbal 12 minutos


Presentación de 15 minutos:


1.    Claudio Rodríguez – What exactly do you in your job?

2.    Cynthia Tellez – My life as a single mother.

3.    Fernando Espino – 5 Things that make you happy

4.    Itzanelly Estrada – Why are you not working in your profession?

5.    Joaquín Ramírez – Who is Joaquin Ramirez?

6.    Larisa Rangel – Why do you love whales so much?

7.    Magda Moreno – What 5 things do you need to change in your life?

8.    Marcial Vega – What 3 regrets do you have about your past life?

9.    Marlene Hernández de la Cruz – What 5 things are next in your life?

10.  Miguel Hernández – Why Bendix? Give me your reasons.

11.  Nely del Carmen León – What is your business about?

12.  Rafael Silva – Who is Rafael Silva?

13.  Raymundo Castillo – What 5 things are you looking for in a woman?

14.  Rodolfo Fuentes – What 3 things did you learn in the AA Engineering Division course?



INTERMEDIATE – ‘B’ – Presentación Verbal 12 minutos


Presentación de 20 minutos:

1.    Adriana Vásquez – What 5 things have you learned in AA that has changed your life?

2.    Carmela Gonzalez – What do you do in your job?

3.    Elizabeth Jasso – Life at UANL

4.    Erick Monsivais – How much does it cost to get married?

5.    Iris Suriano – Acuña’s soccer league before the pandemic

6.    Jaqueline Mandujano – What is next in my life?

7.    Kenia Gallegos – What 3 things changed in your life after COVID?

8.    Larissa Lara – What preparations do you have to do before getting married?

9.    Leslie Hernandez – What do you like and dislike about your university?

10.  Lizeth Nallely Arriola – Do you agree or disagree with the feminist movement and protest in Mexico?

11.  Maria Guadalupe Escobar – Who are you?

12.  Nilda Morones – Life as a single mother.

13.  Paulina Sabas – Life as a teenager.

14.  Valeria Hernandez – My childhood.

15.  Victor Aguirre – How did you live your life during this quarantine?

16.  Yadir Ruiz – How were you planning to live your life this 2020?



ADVANCED – ‘A’ – Presentación Verbal 12 minutos


Presentación de 25 minutos:


1.    Antonio Hernández: Who are the 5 richest Mexican men?

2.    Cinthia Rivera: Who are the 5 richest Mexican women?

3.    Eliud Yanez: What were the reasons Mexicana de Aviacion failed?

4.    Angel Reyes: Soriana

5.    Lariza Torres: LALA

6.    Leidy Arechavaleta: TELEVISA

7.    Luis Ramos: FAMSA

8.    Merari Manzanedo: LIVERPOOL

9.    Naara Ramirez: Sanborns

10.  Ruben Flores: Palacio de Hierro

11.  Tomas Garza: What were the reasons BLOCKBUSTER failed?

12.  Norma Llanes: SunBeam Oster

13.  Mario Lopez: Bolsa de Valores

14.  Regina Magdaleno: McDonalds

15.  Aide Muniz: AeroMexico

16.  Patricia Gonzalez: Amazon

17.  Edith Martinez: Mercado Libre



ADVANCED – ‘B’ – Presentación Verbal 12 minutos


Presentación de 25 minutos:


1.    Sandra – How does the United Nations function?

2.    Jessica – Are you happy with AMLO? If yes, why? If not, why not?

3.    Itzel Magallanes – The university you plan to attend.

4.    Ana – What regrets do you have about your life?

5.    Marco – My life.

6.    Mariana – The European Union and how it works.

7.    Berenice – The perfect man.

8.    Jackeline – Do you agree or disagree with the protests the feminist movement is doing in Mexico?

9.    Yalia – What are the differences between the old NAFTA and the new USCMA?